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The Mystic Geek ✨🤓 empowers those who are
caught up in the hustle of life 😫
to tap into their own inner wisdom 💖
so they can confidently handle any of life's obstacles 😎
and help heal the world 🌎

Discover how
you can be unapologetically yourself, find fulfillment, and
be connected with your purpose

Hi, I'm Jessica

You're probably asking "Why do you call yourself the Mystic Geek?"

I live in that middle space between the magical and the mundane.

I'm a witch with a desk job. A tech nerd who likes to reality-hack at times. 

And now, I use a mix of spiritual and contemporary tools to help those who are caught in the hustle of life to tap into their own inner wisdom so that they can confidently handle whatever life throws their way.

However, I wasn't always like this... Once upon a time...
(that's the cue for you to find out more about me 👇)

What's on my mind?

My reading with Jessica definitely made me take a harder look at my life decisions. It gave me the confirmation that I needed and answers that have been there all along but so refused to see them as they are. I’m amazed how accurate the cards were. I’m so glad I found Jessica and look forward to my next reading.


Work With Me

My sessions are a mix of using spiritual tools and coaching techniques to help you handle whatever life throws at you.

Tarot Readings

As the axiom goes: as above, so below. Using a deck of 78 cards, I am able to identify patterns in your personal life.

Psychic/Energy Readings

When I say "psychic", I'm referring to understanding and interpreting information that I receive from outside the physical senses. Messages from Spirit can come in a variety of forms.

Energy Healing

Utilizing subtle energy techniques to help you release internal blocks caused by limiting beliefs or repressed emotions.


I can highly recommend Jessica for a reading. She is not only professional but accurate.

I was feeling quite vulnerable and confused around a relationship. I have to say that I was actually feeling a bit depressed just before I received Jessica’s reading as I had paid for a reading previously and the reading predicted nothing but doom and gloom. This was not very helpful when you are feeling vulnerable.

Jessica’s style of reading was quite different from the predictive set in stone type of reading I had just gotten. She still tuned into and pointed out what the issues were perfectly. But she actually gave me some strategies for how to manage the issues. This was a much more positive experience for me. It was helpful and inspiring So I came away feeling lighter and more empowered about what I could do to make this relationship work it that’s what I wanted.

I was so grateful for the reading. It was exactly what I needed. It was honest, but it also gave me some reassurance and helpful advice too.