Hi, I'm a Spiritual Connection Mentor.

My name is Jessica (I also go by Jess)
I've spent last twenty-plus* years not only "studying" magick, but also doing mystical workings

I believe that we have the power to manifest our dreams (and handle dumpster fires) using a mix of the magical and the mundane. Whether through acting on what we can control or mentally reframing a situation, we have the power to reshape our reality.

* Good luck getting me to give away the "plus" part. Ok, fine. Since 2000. I decided to go hard-mode by studying witchcraft and the occult while also going to a Catholic 

My Story, Super-Summarized

How It Started

Maybe calling it a dumpster fire is a bit too dramatic.

However, the "me" of that time believed that term would have been appropriate. Whether it was  worrying about what others thought of me, grumbling over office politics, or feeling the urge to go mama-bear in the local nerd communities - those experiences felt huge and overwhelming. I was balancing work, relationships, and multiple volunteer commitments. Like the saying goes - I was lighting myself on fire to keep others warm.

Where did I go wrong? Initially, it was because I  struggled with the mundane (non-magical/everyday) world. Then it was because I kept trying to use spell work to deal with problems that needed a mundane style of solution.

How It's Going

Okay, sunshine and rainbows is a bit of an exaggeration.

However, I am grateful for what is in my life. A loving husband of over 20 years. A day job that I have fun doing. A cozy home with a huge yard that extends into the local wetlands. Membership in various supportive communities.

None of these would have happened if I believed I was powerless, at the whim of society's demands. I learned how to reframe how I saw the world and then take action to create the reality I wanted to experience. There were a few moments where I drummed and danced under the moon. Most of the time,  it felt more like project management.

My cup is filled and my oxygen mask is on - I want to help others with theirs.