Check Your Inbox!

In the next few minutes, you should receive an email from me, The Mystic Geek, with the subject line "{The Mystic Geek} Am I delivering my digital swag to the right place?"

Open the email and click the "Give me my swag" button to confirm that you're you, and that you really do want the digital swag. I know this sounds a little silly, but we have to appease the tech and consent gods.

If you do not see the email after 15 minutes, check your Spam folder - if you find my email there, you'll want to mark it as "Not Spam" so that future mailings show up in your inbox.

If you use GMail, there's the chance that my email will end up in the "Promotions" tab - if that happens, drag the email into the "Primary" tab space to let Google know to show my emails in your inbox.