In order to AIM for pursuing your passions and purpose, I guide you through the three A's:
Assess, Align, and Action.

Each step upon the last and you need all three if you want to live life unapologetically yourself.


First we go deep to identify your passions and purpose. By working directly with Spirit and Universe, we are able to cut through the clutter of external chatter in order to find the YOU that you're seeking to become.

We ask questions about what concerns us in the present moment. If the focus is on whether a specific person wants us or not, we ask why that specific person's attention is important or what we need out of a relationship to feel fulfilled. The same method is used when examining our concerns about career, family, or other areas of life.

The key here is to understand how much of our personal story is of our own making, and how much was written for us by our family, friends, and society. We can reclaim the power to be the authors of our present and future.


Visioning what you want in the future is more than simply making "SMART" goals. We need to ensure those plans are in alignment with our highest good. Otherwise, we are simply creating distracting busy-work.

In order to set a course for where you want to go, you need to understand where you are starting from. This step may involve taking an honest look at your circumstances, thoughts, and behaviors.

Once we identify the physical obstacles, mental blocks, and emotional triggers that hold us back, we can then determine how to face those challenges head-on or find a path around them.


People talk about manifesting as if it's all about using our thoughts and feelings to nudge the Universe to give us whatever we desire. The reality is that vision without action is merely a dream. 

During our sessions, we'll spend time identifying actionable steps that you can take to pursue your passion and purpose. Rather than tell you what you "should" do, we examine what you "could" do and the potential outcomes of each option being considered.

Our lives are filled with so many moving parts that we can't know with certainty what will or won't work, but with mindful planning we can develop the confidence needed to face the unknowns.

Depending on your needs, here are three ways I can AIM you in the right direction and equip you to energetically handle what you might face

Tarot Reading

As the axiom goes: as above, so below. Using a deck of 78 cards, I am able to identify patterns in your personal life.

Psychic Reading

When I say "psychic", I'm referring to understanding and interpreting information that I receive from outside the physical senses. Messages from Spirit can come in a variety of forms.

Reiki Healing

This healing modality utilizes universal life energy to help you release energetic blocks caused by limiting beliefs or repressed emotions.